A Day Devoted To You

The Ceremony

Here at Devotion, we know how stressful your wedding day can be. Think about all the music that’s required from your guest arriving in the ceremony room right through to the last song at your reception. When you’re standing watching your bride walk down the aisle to become your wife, she looks stunning in her dress, everything is perfect but then….. the CD skips.

Have you thought about what happens then?

David, Stuart and Allan have extensive knowledge of music that helps welcomes your guests as they arrive in the ceremony room. They also have the controls to fade the music in at the right times. They will work with you both to create the perfect mix of songs that reflect who you are and what your day means.

With our unique 4 stage music program you will have the perfect start to your day, with flawless music played at the perfect time. We use discernible changes to the volume levels to signify the notable arrivals and again as the ceremony begins. Your music, your way in a managed and professional manner.

Throughout your ceremony, you may have friends, or family member doing reading, who are not used to public speaking. This often means that they speak quietly and over the congregation of your guest, they cannot be heard. With our discrete Bose sound system, we can provide microphones to ensure all guest can hear the full ceremony with ease.

Let us take the stress out your day and help start it in perfect style.

Drinks Reception & Canapés

The ceremony was wonderful, now it’s time for the photographs, but what about your guests?! This can be a boring time for them as they hang around, waiting for you to return or to be asked to join the photographs. It’s really an unknown part of the day, with a lot of waiting about. Your photograph can often take 1-2 hours.

This is a point where we are experienced and can help both your photographer and the venue manager, whilst also keeping your guests entertained and informed. Picture your guests all hanging about waiting to be called in for dinner, or to join you for the photographs. Your venue manager is preparing the kitchen and his/her staff for dinner service while also trying to help your photographer organise your guests and keep them entertained. This takes their focus away from making sure your day runs smoothly and on time.

We would work with you to make sure your guests are listening to carefully selected music that demonstrates your personality and style. We would work with the photographer to organise your guests with our professional MC skills and sound system to take the pressure off the venue manager and allow them to concentrate on their own staff and the running of the day.

Should you have any children invited along for the day, we can also help entertain them for a short while during this part of the day.

The Wedding Breakfast

Picture your friends, family and honoured guests sat down at the tables you arranged for them. Waiting on your arrival, then music kicks in and your professionally trained Master of Ceremonies grabs their attention with a well-timed announcement that the guest from the top table are now entering the room. All your guests instinctively stand up and welcome your bridal party.

As they make their way to the table with applause and cheering from your guest, the music fades away and your MC then readies the guests for your arrival…… you’re introduce as the worlds’ newest couple Mr & Mrs……. Your entrance song kicks in, a song carefully selected and primed for the Perfect entrance to your Wedding Breakfast.

At Devotion our weddings are less standard, and more Stand Out!

This is where your night begins, you make spectacular entrance to the room your guest are wowed early on in the evening, setting the tone for the rest of the night. Again our hosts David, Stuart and Allan work with you to create the perfect soundtrack to dine to. Everything that is special about your day shown off through well place songs.

We introduce each member of your bridal party as they make their speeches and ensure we thank them before moving onto the next speech. Everyone making a speech is provided with a microphone and with our crystal clear Bose sound system, every word is heard, and every toast is perfect.

Your Evening Reception

You’re guests have all arrived, they have all had a chance to say hi and how beautiful you booth look on your special day and it’s time for the first dance. The band strike up and play the song you fell in love with, and chose for your first dance but….. they play it different, it’s slower and in a different key. Is that really how you want to remember your first dance?!

Working with you to create the most special of spotlight moments, David and Allan will help you select the best song for you to enter the room to join all your evening guests. We make sure your guests are ready for you coming in to cut your cake and do your first dance as Husband and Wife. So let us start your reception over again.

Your guests are arriving, and there’s a selection of music playing that makes them feel welcome. Your professional Wedding MC steps out onto the floor and greets your guest on your behalf and gives them the details of your first dance, who will be dancing, when it will take place and when you will be entering the room. He then comes to make sure you are ready, and with perfect timing your entrance music starts and you walk in to an excited room of your closest friends and family making a big entrance. Your guests are all ready and taking as many pictures as they want during the spotlight moment of the day. From there your wedding cake is cut and the floor prepared for you. Your MC introduces you to the floor for your first dance, the song you fell in love with is played, it’s exactly as you remember it, perfect.