Devotion Celebrants

As part of the TLC faith We are able to legally perform your marriage ceremony.

Being independent celebrants, David & Mandy Mitchell at Devotion can design and conduct a personalised and individual legal ceremony. This can be centred around the wishes and values of the family.   You may or may not wish to include religious or spiritual content, and any sort of music or words can be included.  The essential point, is that with an independent celebrant there is no system of belief dictating anything about the ceremony, the choice is entirely yours!

With many different traditions we can help you with anything you may wish to include in your ceremony.

If you are still looking for someone to perform your ceremony, we can discuss fully all the details with you and offer advice if required. As with all the services we provide, we offer a very personal alternative to conventional services.

We are also able to offer celebrant for other occassions when required.