Reception Wedding Packages

What makes your Evening Reception so special?!

You’re guests have all arrived, they’ve all had a chance to say hi and how beautiful you booth look on your special day and it’s time for the first dance. The band strike up and play the song you fell in love with, and chose for your first dance but….. they play it different, it’s slower and in a different key. Is that really how you want to remember your first dance?!

If you look at everything we provide for a full day, what we do in the evening is done with exactly the same experience, and professionalism. Working with you to create the most special of spotlight moments, David, Stuart and Allan will help you select the best song for you to enter the room to join all your evening guests. We make sure your guests are ready for you coming in to cut your cake and do your first dance as Husband and Wife.

With the Devotion 5 Stage Party Plan, you’re night is sure to be a great success and have your guests constantly talking about it. David, Stuart or Allan will meet with you to discuss the whole event, and plan every stage as if it were a movie or a show in a theatre. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that everything will be exactly as planned. It takes the worry away and you know that it’s down to you and your guests just to enjoy the evening. There’s more spotlight moments to come throughout the night that makes your reception the most fun, unique and memorable occasion of your life!