Why is a Wedding DJ more expensive than a Party DJ?

Just commented on a pricing thread on a Wedding Group. We occasionally get asked why a Wedding DJ is more than a party DJ...

“DJs don’t fit all occasions. It’s not like buying an Iphone and you simply look for who sells the phone at the cheapest price as you will get the exact same phone.
You get lots of types of DJs; Club DJs, Kids Party DJs, Karaoke DJs, Rock DJs, RnB DJs, Old Skool DJs…. Would you book any of them for your wedding? No. As they don’t specialise in what you are looking for. All amazing DJs in their own field though!

Wedding DJs should be night and day from even a good party DJ. Everything from experience, training, Microphone technique, Clothing, equipment, presentation and service should all be exceptional. For this reason a Wedding DJ should be more expensive for the same reason the Mercedes wedding car you booked is more expensive that the Kia Carens taxi that took you to work this morning. Why your Bouquet is more expensive than the £5 bunch of flowers you picked up in Tesco and why the wedding dress is seriously more expensive than the dress you bought in Primark for your cousins 40th at the Bowling Club.

There is a good selection of Professional Wedding DJs in Scotland but what to watch out for is the “party djs” who don’t understand all of the above. They simply add on £100 as it’s a wedding but use the same set up, same level of service, dress in the same Polo shirt and jeans….. but it’s £100 more because a wedding!”

David Mitchell
Wedding DJ & Host