Devotion Devotobooth

Our Packages start at:
£295 for 2 hours
£395 for 3 Hours
£495 for 4 Hours
You can add on double Prints & a Customised Guest book for just £100

The package includes booth hire Unlimited visits to the booth Individual, Instant Prints in Colour or Black & White, your personalised message on all images, uploads to Facebook, use of our Fun Props box And of course…. our fun Devoted Booth Buddy! To add on the other features you just need to ask. Some of them come at no extra cost.

Please note that additional charges may occur for venues outside our catchment area.


Our Starter packages includes:

  • Delivery, Set up and take down
  • 2 hour standard booth hire
  • Facial Recognition
  • Your Choice of Movie Reel of VW Camper
  • Unlimited visits to the booth
  • Individual Instant Prints in Colour or Black & White
  • Instagram style filters
  • Your personalised message on all images
  • Online upload of all pictures
  • Use of our Themed Props boxes

And of course... our fun Devoted Booth Buddy!

Facial Recognition & Filters

Our Photobooths have the exciting feature of facial recognition. This means that although we provide you with the use of our fun props, we can add some extras on using the Photobooth. So if you’ve had your hair done specially for the wedding, don’t worry, you don’t need to mess it up. We also have filters just like you have on instagram™ that you can add before we hit print.

Green Screen

You may have seen green screen done on TV, for example, it used to be the way that Ian McCaskill did the weather. Now we have it as a package with our Photobooth. You can choose from 9 different backgrounds for your photographs. You can even choose what you want us to have and we will set the Photobooth up to have them for you. We have our already set packages, our USA set, World Landmarks set, and we even have a Superhero set.


This great feature is where we get your guest into the Photobooth and they record a song. At the end of the night the videos are all mixed together giving you a unique wedding music video that stars none other than your guests!! This is a fantastic way to keep some of the memories of you wedding alive and shared with all your closest friends and family.


Remember drawing a stickman flipbook on the corner of your post-it notes and jotters, well…. we’ve gone bigger and better. We put you in the Photobooth, it takes a series of Photographs of what you’re doing in the booth. We print them out, stick the together and you’ve become the star of your own Flipbook – it’s sooooo much fun.

Diary Room

Video Messaging Our Video booth is a fantastic and unique way for your guest to leave you with some nice comments or great advice for the future. It’s always nice for your guest to write a little something in your guest book, but to add our Diary Room and have video from those most important to you on your wedding day is something that keeps that special memory alive forever.