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'Must Have' Wedding Enhancements

These additional finishing touches will make the difference on your your special day.

We offer personalised, projected monograms, wedding venue lighting, confetti cannons and light up letters 

monogram gobo lighting

Personalised Monogram Gobo Lighting

Personalised monogram gobo lighting projection finally gives you the change to have your name in lights!

This is a great way to add a really personal and unique touch to your wedding reception


Wedding Venue Mood Lighting

Venue mood lighting to wash your carefully selected venue with colour to match your theme for the big day, or just to highlight your stunning venues features.

Confetti Cannons

All your friends and family gathered round the dancefloor, cameras and phones in hand capturing the moment... Your carefully chosen first dance song is just about to kick in to the all important chorus.... your DJ announces "M.. & M.. ………!!"

The chorus kicks in as the confetti canon showers you and the air around you with thousands of fluttering confetti pieces - as your friends and family erupt with cheers... The perfect moment and perfect photo opportunity.

venue mood lighting
confetti cannons
large light up letters

3ft. Light Up 'Love' Letters

Our 3ft Love is the perfect addition to your wedding day. With the Italics style font, it’s sure to help set your day apart from the rest.

3ft. Light Up 'Mr  & Mrs' Letters

Our Mr & Mrs lights are unique in Ayrshire.  

  • 3 ft high in an italic font 

  • Made from light weight aluminium

  • LED bulbs

  • Safe and friendly.

  • The '&' can be substituted for the love heart

2ft. 'Just  Married' Light Up Letters

Our 2st Just married is the new unique additional enhancement to your wedding day,. Designed to run along the front of your Top Table.

Also in our italics style font, its sure to help set your day apart from the rest. 

love light up letters
mr and mrs large ligthup letters
just maried large light up letters

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Wedding Enhancements

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