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School Proms Graduation Djs, Ayshire & Glasgow

We are Ayrshire's School Prom & Graduation DJs and are experts in providing proms graduation entertainment!

We dj  for the majority of schools & colleges in the most distinguished venues in Ayrshire & Glasgow.

It might be your 1st time organising a prom night event but rest assured, we've done this for years, you're in safe hands!


Graduation & School Proms

We know what all the fuss is about,  yes, we’re talking about the best part of the School year – PROM!!

This is the last time your year group as a whole will do something together before going your separate ways!! This is it, this is the time to have the best night of your lives with soooo much to look forward to, you're going to have a ball at our event!!


But where do you have it? What will be on the menu? What about decor? The list goes on... until you get to entertainment. Often the prom entertainment is the one thing given the least consideration "We'll just get like a band or a DJ..."

The entertainment package will be one of most important parts of your prom night and will be the one thing that will make or break the biggest night of your life so far! So how do you choose?

We take care of lighting, visuals, awards and not forgetting the most important part, the right music and your requests !!


We have it all covered, you won't be dissapointed and we promise it will be one of the best prom experiences ever!


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Prom Graduation Djs

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