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Wedding Photobooth Professionals

Looking for something to make your wedding night that little bit more extra special?

The Green Screen Dream Machine photobooth is the most advanced photobooth in the world

Our photobooth's are proven wedding enhancement that keeps your guests entertained throughout the evening.

Pictures are printed and Your guests can take away their printed pictures on the night.


'Green Screen Dream Machine' Pricing

3 hour hire priced from £350 when booked with DJ
All hires include prints for each person in the photo as well as an extra copy to go in the guestbook we provide 


The Green Screen Dream Machine is one of only a few in Scotland with the best and most unique features out there.

The green screen photobooth allows you and your guests to choose from more than 1400 backgrounds & print options. From your classic photobooth strip prints to magazine covers, big headz to wanted posters your guests will love striking a pose!

The photos are taken against a green screen background and printed instantly.

Choose between our Film Reel or VW Camper Van outer styling.

Photobooth Features

  • Package includes all features mentioned

  • Booth hire

  • Photobooth user-selectable modes (choice of photo booth modes below)

  • Unlimited visits to the booth

  • Instant prints in colour or black & white

  • Use of our fun props box

  • Choose between over 1000 backgrounds and print styles

  • And of course... our fun Devoted Booth Buddy!

  • Delivery, Set up & removal​

Choice of Photo Booth Modes

  • Pop Art – Create your very own pop art style print

  • Wish You Were Here – Using our unique new randomisation system the booth picks one of more than 100 random worldwide landmarks and creates your very own postcard

  • The Photo Booth Lottery – Can’t decide which mode to choose? let the booth select one of the modes for you at random, feeling lucky just press the start button

  • Custom – We keep the booth fresh with these ever-changing sets of seasonal and themed green screens.

  • Celebrations – Select one of 7 celebrations theme sets including Birthday, Halloween, Valentines, Guy Fawkes and Christmas

  • Classic Booth – Allows users to choose the superimposed curtain colour curtain behind them for a classic photo booth feel

  • Green Screen Booth – Users select from 10 different themed greenscreen photo background sets which superimpose different themed backgrounds behind each shot.

  • 3D Green Screen Booth – Users become immersed in a choice of 10 themed background and foreground images putting them in the heart of the action and interacting with the themed images

  • Around The World – Travel to the 7 continents of the world with beautifully themed greenscreen sets including Europe, Africa and America

  • Time Machine – Travel back in time from Ancient Egypt and the Age Of Piracy to The Wild West and Prohibition with carefully created greenscreen themes

  • Big Edz – Your head on a diddy funky body with a choice of 7 different themed sets including Super Hero’s, Outer Space, Babies and Muscle Beach

  • Magazine Covers – Become the star on the cover on a choice of 7 'spoof' magazines. Party hard in 'VIP magazine', become the gossip in ‘THE BOOTH’ or the star on the cover of 'POP HITS'

  • Green Screen Dream Machine: 2005mm, 1250mm x 2250mm (height, depth, width)

  • Capacity: 3 seated (recommended total capacity of 5 people)

  • Power requirements: Regular 13amp socket, 900w of power

  • Set up time: Approximately 60-70 mins

  • Print time: 10 secondss


'Devoto Photobooth'

3 hour package - from £350 when booked with DJ
All hires include prints for each person in the photo
 as well as an extra copy to go in the guestbook we provide.

Photobooth Features

  • Booth hire

  • Your choice of Movie Reel, VW Camper or Silver Hearts outer design

  • Unlimited visits to the booth

  • Photobooth user-selectable modes (choice of photo booth modes below)

  • Instagram style filters

  • Individual, instant prints in colour or black & white

  • Your personalised message on all images

  • Online upload of all pictures

  • Use of themed props boxes

  • And of course... our fun Devoted Booth Buddy!

  • Delivery, Set up & removal​

More Information

Facial Recognition Filters

Our Photobooths have the exciting feature of facial recognition. This means that although we provide you with the use of our fun props, we can add some extras on using the Photobooth. So if you’ve had your hair done specially for the wedding, don’t worry, you don’t need to mess it up. We also have filters just like you have on Instagram that you can add before we hit print.

Green Screen

You may have seen green screen done on TV, for example, it used to be the way that Ian McCaskill did the weather. Now we have it as a package with our Photobooth. You can choose from 9 different backgrounds for your photographs. You can even choose what you want us to have and we will set the Photobooth up to have them for you. We have our already set packages, our USA set, World Landmarks set, and we even have a Superhero set.


This great feature is where we get your guest into the Photobooth and they record a song. At the end of the night the videos are all mixed together giving you a unique wedding music video that stars none other than your guests!! This is a fantastic way to keep some of the memories of you wedding alive and shared with all your closest friends and family.

Diary Room

Video Messaging Our Video booth is a fantastic and unique way for your guest to leave you with some nice comments or great advice for the future. It’s always nice for your guest to write a little something in your guest book, but to add our Diary Room and have video from those most important to you on your wedding day is something that keeps that special memory alive forever.


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