Live Wedding Painting

A Special Commission

As part of our strive to improve what we do at our weddings we are always seeking out opportunities to better ourselves.

David, Allan and myself regularly attend training with various industry professionals to share expertise and best practice for the benefit of all our couples. One such man who has been a great influence on the Devotion team is Peter Merry, an American Wedding Entertainment Director. His seminars at the Pro Mobile conference in 2016 and his series of DVDs have been instrumental in transforming Devotion into what we are today, so how does this bring me to this blog about Live Wedding Painting?

While watching one of Peter’s DVDs I came across Live Event Painting, the commissioning of a painting, as the title suggests, live at your wedding. Where the guests can actually watch as the artist captures part of your special day. I was quite intrigued by this so I set out to find out more.

Stephanie Paints Things

My online search brought me to Stephanie Struth, a former art teacher who started live event painting in March 2016. Stephanie may be relatively new to the wedding market but by letting her work speak for itself she is already in high demand.  Based in Essex but available throughout the UK, when we spoke via Stephanie’s Facebook page she told she has had the honour of painting here before and would love to visit Scotland again. On her previous visit she captured this ceremony at House For An Art Lover in Glasgow.

Painting the Party

With the option of choosing which part of your day is captured during the consultation process she can create a truly unique memento of your wedding day.

This unique blend of entertainment and souvenir is sure to be a talking point throughout the day and for years to come as it hangs proudly in your home. As wedding trends evolve Stephanie is at the forefront of an exciting new way to capture memories that last a lifetime.


Be sure to check out more of Stephanie’s work on her website or on Facebook

Have you had a live wedding painting at your big day? Perhaps you love this idea and are going to go ahead and speak to Stephanie right now? Drop us a like on the Devotion Facebook Page and subscribe for future wedding inspiration and tips