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10 Unique Ideas For Your Autumn Wedding

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Think weddings are solely summer affairs? Think again! Over the past couple of years, Autumn has been gaining more and more momentum - and when you take a look at the Autumn Wedding Colour palettes, it’s not hard to see why!

The glorious deep leaves, cosy, rustic receptions, natural decor and the overall warmth of the atmosphere - there are so many ideas to play around with when it comes to planning an Autumn wedding.

However, there is a drawback. Temperamental weather, shorter days and the potential surprise of a cold snap are just some of the reasons why planning is key for any Wedding happening after the Summer.

That’s why we’re here to bring you 10 of our favourite Autumn Wedding ideas, to help ensure that your day goes off without a hitch, and is as beautiful and memorable as you are!

1. Let your flower arrangements reflect the natural world.

Roses, chrysanthemums, tulips and carnations will help to bring some warmth and a little structure to your wedding bouquets. It’s always a good idea to stick with reds, yellows and oranges surrounded by deep, green foliage to create the perfect focal point for your big day.

And for an even more perfectly matched wedding theme, why not gather your inspiration from the natural woodlands and apply it to your floral arrangements? And why stop there? Why not add some forest foraging treasures like pinecones and conkers to your centrepieces too?

Autumn Wedding
Natural Bouquets

2. Make sure your menu is seasonal!

Holding an Autumn wedding means you have free reign to be as adventurous with your cuisine choices as you like! Create a menu inspired by the season with warm, comforting dishes - your guests will be delighted.

Ever dreamed of your guests tucking into a steaming hot crumble slathered in cold vanilla ice cream or warm custard? Apples, blackberries and pumpkins are all in season during the UK Autumn… and our mouths are drooling already!

And when it comes to your main courses: porkpies, wood-fired pizzas, pumpkin pies, sausage and mash… the deliciousness of the Autumn wedding menu ideas is absolutely endless! Not to mention it makes it easy to break the usual Wedding cliches that can often be found.

Home comforts will always go down well, and they’ll also help to keep the cold at bay - win-win!

Autumn Wedding menu
Seasonal Menus

3. Keep your guests happy by using seasonal treats.

Colder temperatures are a great incentive for you to create some insanely delicious and unique autumnal treats which will work wonders when it comes to keeping your guests happy.

And if you plan on heading outside at any point, why not offer your guests a creamy hot chocolate with all the trimmings to keep their hands warm? Or maybe even some toffee apples laid out on a treats table to keep any hungry little mouths happy too?

Autumn Wedding food
Candy Apple Bar

4. Wear something breath-taking… but practical.

Okay, so you LOVE chiffon, but will chiffon keep you warm when it begins to get chilly in the evening? We all know how unpredictable the temperate can be in the UK, especially in the later months, so we recommend being a little more mindful of how practical your dream wedding dress is.

Consider opting for three-quarter length sleeves, or even a shrug for the later hours of your day so that the cold doesn’t successfully ruin your moment. And if you decide to have an outdoor reception, be sure that you’ve got the ever-so-stylish Bride’s Wellies available to keep those feet dry!

Autumn Wedding dress
Be fabulous, but practical

5. A bouquet filled with rich, regal colours.

Summer colours are fine, but I personally believe they’re no match for the rich tones of Autumn. Rustic reds, burnt oranges, deep purples - these all reflect the most magical natural colour scheme imaginable.

Deep greens, rich reds and golden tones would go down a treat for bridesmaids dresses, decor schemes and over-arching schemes.

And for your flowers? Consider jewel tones that will set off beautifully in the warm, autumnal light. You should also consider colours you may not think will work initially, such as a pop of bright yellow, and the ever-so royal tones of a vibrant purple!

Autumn Wedding Bridesmaids dresses
Rich & Regal

6. Don’t forget about the cake!

Why go for a traditional white wedding cake when you could choose the more rustic colours of caramel, golden and brown to really tie your autumnal theme together?

Cakes that are dressed with the plentiful bounty of an autumn harvest, such as berries, figs, grapes and other wintry fruits are a sure-fire way of reflecting those jewel tones used within your floral bouquets.

You can also add a hint of burnt orange using sugar flowers, glossy nuts and partially frosted edges which will echo the true woodland beauty of autumn.

Autumn Wedding Cake
Autumn Wedding Cake

7. Make sure to plan for ALL eventualities.

Let’s face it, the weather in the UK is not… always predictable. Or ever predictable. This means that throwing an Autumn Wedding, unfortunately, means you’ll face the possibility of being visited by some unwelcome guests. In this case, rain clouds.

But with adequate planning, this shouldn’t have to be a worry. Take a negative and turn it into a positive by making the rain a feature of your special day, rather than a potential ruiner!

Just make sure that your chosen venue has some backup indoor spaces just in case the heavens do decide to open up upon you and your unsuspecting guests. And if that indoor space just happens to have beautiful panoramic views from gorgeous tall windows? Even better!

It might also be a good idea to provide your guests with themed umbrellas for the day, especially if they’ll be moving between venues. Snuggly blankets provided at outdoor venues are always a welcome detail for your guests.

Autumn Wedding Venue
Enchanting Venues

8. Unusual drinks to warm up cold hands!

Looking for more ways to keep your guests warm throughout the day? Why not try offering them a glass of hot mulled wine upon their arrival, or invest your time in coming up with some personalised cocktails to add a unique element to your wedding bar?

Cinnamon, blackberries and sloe gin - this can all be used as warming touches to a delectable drink inspired by the autumnal outdoors.

Autumn Wedding Drinks
Signature Autumn Wedding Drinks

9. Don’t forget about your guests - keep them going!

Weddings can be a notoriously long day for everybody involved. Here at Devotion Weddings, we’re all about the crazy and the wacky when it comes to your wedding day, and we find that food is always one of the best ways to truly express the personalities of both you and your partner.

And also - who doesn’t love food!? Let’s be honest, your guests will never say no to it. So why not order some pizzas for your evening reception? Orf hire a trendy food truck so guests have the options to fuel up for the next round with something tasty and delicious?

Providing late night snacks will ensure that your party-going guests will stay up and keep on dancing!

Food for an Autumn Wedding
Seasonal Wedding Snacks

10. And our favourite part; Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!

When it comes to Autumn Wedding ideas that you may not have considered yet, don’t forget to think about exactly how you plan on keeping your guests entertained for the day! For us, the best way to achieve this is by including some fun, unique games that will make your day truly memorable.

When it comes to Autumnal games, apple bobbing, a pumpkin shy and conker wars for your littler guests will not only add a touch of nostalgia but also provide a fun, seasonal twist!

Seasonal  Wedding Games
Fun Seasonal Wedding Games

We’re always coming up with new ways and ideas to make our couples Wedding Day the greatest and most memorable event of their life, so be sure to keep checking back for even more ideas and updates!

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