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Our Top Wedding Dress Trend Predictions of 2022

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Weddings are finally back on the events list for 2021, meaning that many couples who had put their plans on hold have now been given the go-ahead to get back into the swing of things.

So whether you’re a bride who’s picking up where they left off in regards to their wedding planning, or you’re a bride who’s just getting started, it’s time to get your wishlist ready! And what’s at the top of every bride’s wishlist? The wedding perfect dress, obviously.

And luckily for all our brides of the future out there, Bridal Fashion Week has well and truly been in full swing. From romantic sleeves to playful ruffles and fun, short party dresses, we’ve gathered together our predictions for all the top wedding dress trends of 2022.


best wedding dresses

Now that larger weddings have returned, we think it’s the perfect time to really indulge in everything over-the-top. After all, we’ve been living pretty minimally for over a year now - so what better way to truly celebrate than going all out?

When it comes to wedding dresses, it really doesn’t get more over-the-top (or maximalist, if you want to sound professional) than a dress coated in ruffles.

A ruffled skirt adds various levels of dimensions to a mermaid silhouette, whereas a full skirt of frothed-up, cascading ruffles sets off a certain whimsical yet fashion-forward aesthetic. And if volume isn’t really your thing, you could always opt-in for a more streamlined silhouette with added surprising ruffle details.

Colourful Florals

wedding dress trends 2021 uk

It’s no secret that crisp white floral motifs paired with wedding dresses are a very classic combination, but what happens when you add a splash of colour to it? Something magical, that’s what.

Colourful details such as 3D rosettes and exquisite embroidery gives this particularly established wedding dress trend a whole new lease on life. As you can probably tell, it’s gorgeously refreshing.

However, if it feels a little risky to don a full-on coloured dress (believe us, we get it), you could always tone it down a bit with a few pastel floral touches. These would indeed be more subtle, but still, give off the same unexpected effect.


feather wedding dress uk

Feathers have been slowly creeping into the Bridal Fashion world for a while now but we believe that 2022 will be the year they really make their mark.

Yet another over-the-top wedding dress embellishment, and designers can’t seem to get enough of them this season.

And no matter how you choose to interpret this particular wedding dress trend; whether it be a more ethereal, barely-there wisps vibe, or you’re ready to go full-plume and pack a serious visual punch, there’s no denying that this gorgeous, angelic detail brings ALL the glamour you will need for your special day.

Short Dresses

short wedding dresses uk

These hemlines may be short, but they project a BIG personality. Planning to elope? Planning a casual ceremony? Or maybe you just bought a KILLER pair of wedding shoes that you’re dying to show off - whatever your situation may be, this is the 2022 wedding dress trend for you.

Even if you do have your heart set on a long, flowing gown for the ceremony, short wedding dresses can also be the perfect companion for any other wedding-related events you may be hosting, such as your reception, rehearsal dinner or even a bridal shower. This is YOUR day after all, so the possibilities are endless!


Wedding pants

Not a massive fan of dresses or looking for something with a little extra WOW factor for your big day? Then do we have news for you!

These bold yet sleek dress alternatives are not only comfortable, but they are also incredibly figure-flattering and TOTALLY in this season. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to don one of these wonderfully tailored ensembles and NOT feel like a complete badass.

Square Necklines

wedding dress square neckline

It’s no secret that Bridgerton-fever completely swept the nation this year, and if you haven’t seen this Netflix hit yet, where have you been!?

We can’t help but credit the show with the rise in popularity for this more geometric neckline. It certainly flatters the collarbones and shoulders - not to mention it is a true throwback! It’s probably best known for its popularity in the more Renaissance and Regency eras, but square necklines have without a doubt made a major comeback.

The best part? This 2022 wedding dress trend pretty much works for EVERY wedding style.

Off the Shoulder Sleeves

wedding dress off the shoulder

If there's ever a moment to express your inner romantic, your wedding day is it—and off-the-shoulder sleeves are all about romance. This glorious neckline flatters the décolleté and can be adapted for any silhouette, from a fitted mermaid gown to a grand ball gown. It can also work with any fabric as well, meaning you can wear this design no matter what your wedding style may be!

Slip Dresses

slip wedding dress

Made famous by style icons like Kate Moss and Caroline Bessette-Kennedy in the '90s, this slinky silhouette is another one that is currently experiencing a bridal fashion revival. A curve-skimming satin number works for your more formal nuptials whereas a breezy style with skinny straps is PERFECT for a destination wedding (well, we think so anyway).

Worried about it being a little too sultry? For a more modest take on this trend, you could always add a transitional piece like a sheer topper or lace capelet for extra coverage!

High Slits

slit wedding dress

Looking to add a little extra va va voom to your special day? Then high slits are the choice for you!

If you want to be a little daring and show some skin, then this is certainly the 2022 wedding dress trend you should lean towards.

Go full femme fatale with a curve-skimming silhouette that shows lots of leg, or go timeless with a twist and opt for a formal ball gown with a thigh-high slit! Whatever you decide to do, make sure it screams YOU.

Transitional Pieces

transitional wedding dresses

And last but by no means least, we have transitional pieces! But what are they exactly?

Well, if you're in the market for two looks but don't want really to splurge on two different gowns, you're in luck! Transitional pieces (i.e. capes, capelets, toppers and coats) are appearing in designer collections everywhere, and they’re perfect for completely transforming your bridal look throughout the day!

These versatile add-ons are also a great option if you've rescheduled your nuptials for colder months and require a wedding-worthy coverup.

So there you have it! Our top Wedding Dress Trend Predictions of 2022. As we always say here at Devotion Weddings, your wedding day should be all about YOU, down to every last detail. So no matter what style or theme of dress you go for, make sure it really makes your own unique personality shine through!

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