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The 10 Best Games to Play at Your Wedding

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. And one of the things that makes it so special, is being in one place, surrounded by your nearest and dearest while they witness you marry the love of your life! Not only is your wedding day a chance to celebrate your commitment to each other, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to let loose and have a little fun with all those you hold dear.

This is where the Wedding Games come in! No matter what it may be, wedding games of all forms keep the energy up throughout your day (and it can certainly be a long day!), as well as adding copious amounts of playfulness and amusement to the event. They can also be considered a wonderful ice breaker for your guests too!

Wedding games will get your guests (of all ages) up and out of their chairs, interacting with each other, taking pictures or working together to win the prize - what more could you possibly ask for? That’s why we’ve listed our Top 10 favourite Wedding Games to play during your love (and most likely laughter) filled big day.

Marriage Mad Libs

funny wedding games

Mad libs are a great way of injecting a little humour into your big day. It’s also a great way to keep things fun and light-hearted. Best of all - it’s completely customised for you and your future hubby!

How to play: When guests take their seats, ask one person at each of the tables to lead the rest of the group in filling out the table’s given mad lib. The group will supply random words and sentences, resulting in a humorous, mystery story. Once that’s done, you can invite the table’s leader to read out their tables story - let the laughter commence!

The Shoe Game

wedding reception games for bride and groom

The one puts the Bride & Groom at centre stage! Usually, it takes place on the dance floor, and involve them answering questions about their new spouse - what more could you ask for?

How to play: This game is a growing tradition among the wedding circuit, and it’s not difficult to figure out why. All you really need is two chairs, which will be placed back to back on the dancefloor (or wherever the room is during the reception). The bride and groom will sit facing away from each other, and then they will exchange a shoe each, which they’ll hold in their hand.

It will then be up to someone to read out some playful facts and/or questions about the couple’s relationship, and then the couple will hold up the hand containing the shoe for whoever the statement matches the most. As you can imagine - hilarity is guaranteed!

Wedding Toast Bingo

wedding activities for guests

Let’s be honest, sometimes it can be difficult to keep wedding guests attention during the speeches, especially if the speaker has a tendency to waffle on. One great way to combat this is by getting your guest to play Wedding Toast Bingo! All you need to do is put together some bingo board’s to leave on your guest’s table.

How to play: There are always the classic sentiments that crop up during the best man and maid of honour speeches isn’t there? So why not make the most of it! Create bingo cards for each dinner plate so your guests can play along and have a couple of laughs while the speeches are happening. Don’t forget to provide pens or bingo counters and a cool prize for whoever wins!

Spin The Wheel

Ever considered having a huge spinning wheel as part of your wedding decor? Well, you might do after reading this! Get all your guests involved with a spinning wedding wheel, adorned with instructions like “the bride and groom kiss!”, “give a speech!” or “do a silly dance” - at the end of the day, the more outrageous the better.

How to play: Buy (or construct!) your very own wedding prize wheel and encourage your guests to get involved with the spontaneous energy of your day! Be sure to write either a different prize or command on each part of the wheel!

Date Night Jar

This is possibly one of our favourite ideas by far - it’s a great way to keep your relationship fun and exciting for years to come! It’s also really easy and inexpensive to set up.

How to play: Find an easily spotted area of the room where your reception will be held, and leave something that will give your guests the opportunity to think up some unique or even traditional date night ideas to last you throughout your many happy years of marriage. Whether it’s a box, a jar, or even a notebook - set up a fun display that nobody will miss!

Ring Toss

This one is great if you’re having an outdoor wedding - who doesn’t love a classic game of ring toss? Not only is it easy and inexpensive to set up, but it’s something that everyone can get involved in! We recommend using decorated wine, gin or whiskey bottles (any will do really) for a fun wedding twist.

How to play: All you need is two sets of rings (make them wooden to keep in line with the rustic aesthetic) - which you could probably get from your local supermarket, or even make them yourself. Paint each set with your wedding colours so you can split your guests into two teams. Place 6 wine bottles in an old-fashioned milk crate (for that extra rustic feel!) then put the bottles out on the grass during your cocktail hour for some ring toss fun!

Guess the Guest

This is currently one of our favourite wedding games to play with our couples and their guests. It’s a brilliant way to get all wedding attendees involved, it gives your guests the opportunity to learn something new about you (whether you want them to or not!) and of course, ensures A LOT of laughter.

How to play: Leave cards on each of your tables for guests to fill out with a funny memory involving the bride and/or groom (or maybe even just a word). They’ll then be gathered together and someone will be nominated to read them out - we usually do this part! It’ll then be up to you to figure out which guest the memory applies to. WARNING: May cause unwanted secrets to be revealed (which makes it even more fun to play!).

Freeze Dance

Worried that you won’t be able to get some of your guests up on the dance floor? Then this is the game for you! No doubt this one will take you back to the days of kids parties, basically, the DJ stops the music while the bride and groom act as the dancing judges.

How to play: Here at Devotion Weddings, we love a good interactive dance game. They’re a great way to break up the last few hours of the evening after everyone’s taken full advantage of the bar offerings. Choose a song to get all the kids and adults up for, ask them to show their wildest, most hilarious moves, and then they have to freeze whenever the DJ stops the music. It’s then up to the bride and groom to choose the winners!

Dance Challenge

This one will only work if you’ve decided to name your tables after song titles - but we love it so much we just had to include it! When the song title matching a particular table begins to play, it’s up to the whole table to rush to the dance floor and get the party moving!

How to play: It can be tricky to get your wedding tables to bond sometimes, especially if they’re from different areas of your life. But nothing gets people bonding quite like a little competition! You can do this by challenging each table to get themselves to the dance floor as quickly as possible once the song matching their table name begins playing during the night.

At the end of the night, you can announce the winning table judging on the best show of silliness, style or general high-energy shape-throwing.

Best Photo Booth Contest

There’s nothing wrong with a little competition on your wedding day, right? And if you’re planning on hiring a photobooth for the occasion (which we definitely recommend), why not combine the two? It’s up to you to decide the winner at the end of the evening!

How to play: Encourage your guests to get as wacky and wild as possible when they’re planning out their poses inside your wedding photobooth. Wigs, props, costumes - provide as much as possible so that your guests and really put their best foot forward! Not only is it the best way to make sure your guests have as much fun as possible, but they’ll also get a hilarious keepsake of your wedding day to treasure forever!

So there you have it! Hopefully, you found some inspiration for your own wedding day while reading this post. And remember to keep checking back in on our blog for even more fun, unique and memorable ideas to implement on the most magical day of your life.

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