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The Best Autumn Themes For Your Wedding .

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Autumn Wedding theme

The autumn wedding! Many bridal couples want to get married, especially in the months of May to September - this time is therefore considered the high season in the wedding industry. An autumn wedding, when the temperatures are slowly falling, has its advantages.

After all, it is significantly cheaper because the demand is lower than during the main season. Of course, you can still have good weather and bright sunshine in autumn. Nevertheless, it is safer if you let the wedding, including the ceremony, take place indoors or if you organise a covered tent that is as heated as possible.

Autumn wedding dress

So even a small rain shower won’t harm you and your guests don't have to freeze! However, if you really want to have good weather at your wedding, you can also take out wedding weather insurance, with which you are covered in bad weather.

The Decoration For Your Autumn Wedding

The decoration for your wedding naturally depends on the conditions at your location. A rather rustic barn is very suitable for an autumn wedding, as it goes very well with the autumnal, cosy style. In a barn you can often decorate a lot yourself for your wedding celebration and have a lot of leeway and beautiful possibilities. The decoration for the autumn wedding can be designed in red, orange and yellow according to the autumn colours. You can also pick up beautiful earth tones and incorporate natural decorative elements such as leaves, chestnuts, berries, nuts or pumpkins. But you can also distribute a few pine cones on the tables for your wedding.

Autumn wedding food

If you like the boho style, you can let off steam at a wedding in autumn! For example, you can add neutral colours in combination with burgundy to the decoration. If you still want to integrate autumnal elements, you can paint the pumpkins in a neutral tone, for example. A macrame also looks wonderful at an autumn wedding. Table decorations made of wood or linen go very well with the boho style as well as with an autumn wedding. If you want to create a wonderful and cosy atmosphere, fairy lights are very suitable, with which you can spice up the location a little at the same time. Fairy lights are a great way to provide very nice and warm light at the same time.

The Autumn Wedding Menu

The menu for your wedding naturally depends on the catering that you have available at or near your location. Nevertheless, an autumnal pumpkin cream soup, for example, is a great starter for your wedding in autumn and warms up the guests a little at low temperatures.

In the cool season you can also choose a wedding cake with cream or ice-cream. The cream doesn't melt as fast! The wedding cake can also be decorated with autumn decorations or you can add small accents with nuts, dark flowers or berries. There are plenty of ideas to choose from!

Autumn wedding cake idea

Autumn Bridal Details

The bride's bouquet can also be kept in the autumn colours. If you want, you can integrate berries or colourful foliage. A classic bridal bouquet is a little tricky in the fall as there are not all the flowers that are available for the bouquets in the summer.

Autumn wedding flowers

If you get married in early autumn, you can choose sunflowers, for example, but dahlias or chrysanthemums also go very well with the wedding concept.

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